The exchange is a constantly evolving platform designed to share all of our music as simply yet dynamically as possible with the world. Everyday new compositions are recorded, either solo or with the band and broadcast across various social media channels.  They are then made available here exclusively to organize, stream, download and play anyway you choose. This also includes all audio and video from our Live360 events, private concerts, limited releases as well as a back catalog spanning over a hundred songs across many genres. 


Our goal is to create a sustainable exchange where the value of the music can expand far outside of the artist/audience to grow into a independent vehicle for positive change in the world. 


To this end we have set the price at 20$ a year. 

 We're just beginning this phase of the journey, with many events and updates to be added as we grow.  We hope you'll join us. 


Explore the site as our guest. Check out the music and be sure to take a look at our FAQ and roadmap for more info. Thanks and enjoy!